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 [Guide] about Uriel's pages

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[Guide] about Uriel's pages Empty
PostSubject: [Guide] about Uriel's pages   [Guide] about Uriel's pages I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 08, 2010 1:48 am

Uriel's pages:
And a page - lvl 30 - follow the route:


[Guide] about Uriel's pages 29osf84

First sends you to cave in monkey (map 2) touching monument to the last room. Then Uriel will send Peddler (map2) that will ask 20 0 silver sword (which you can buy weapons from the seller).
Reward: -
FOR Monument - 25k yang and exp 350K
FOR Swords - 25k 1kk yang and exp

3 and Page - LVL 40

Uriel sends you to kill fanatically proud of Temple Hwang dark (the Orcs).
Reward: 2kk 50k exp and yang

4 and page - lvl 40-41 -

Follow the trail: just go ahead until you reach the first monument you enter the portal and then left-right-before-RIGHT-LEFT-LEFT-AHEAD.
Uriel sends you to touch the monument in Cave normal monkeys (dessert below).

5 and page - lvl - 47:

Can be done from lvl 42 but i will give him Uriel at lvl 47.
FOR Brutal Captains this page should be killed (map2).
Reward: 2kk 50k exp and yang

6 and page - lvl - 47:

Uriel sends you to touch the monument of the cave spiders of the desert. Monument is located in the yellow corner room left (see where is room for shrinking the map by clicking on the minus yellow).
Reward: 3kk 70k exp and yang

And Page 7 - lvl 47:

Uriel will send Yu-Kwan (map2), and it will ask you to kill robbers desert (they are Bedouin man in the group with scorpion warrior snake, scorpion archers and archers snake).
Reward: 3kk 75k exp and yang

And 8 page (immediately after and 7)

You must kill snake in the desert warrior gives up page.
Reward: 3kk exp, 75k yang and 20 mantle courage.

9 and page - lvl 50:

Uriel will send you to kill spiders in the cave in the desert (big spiders are "proud").
Reward: EXP 5kk

10 and page (just after 9 and)

Uriel will send the mountain to reach the old box with maps
¨ °.
Reward: EXP 5.5kk

And page 11 (after 10 °)
Uriel will send the spiders cave (in vain) to kill spiders in the first room (the big ones that are attacking you).
Reward: EXP 6kk

Page 12 at level 55:

Uriel will send you to touch a monument in the neighboring kingdom (shinso or chunjo). When you arrive in the kingdom that will appear on your map cliparind where to go.
Reward: EXP 6.5kk

And page 13 (after 12 º)

Uriel will send you to kill the orcs and ogres in the temple after you get your site will send you back to touch the monument devils tower.
Reward: EXP 7.5 KK
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[Guide] about Uriel's pages
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