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 [GUIDE]Ninja blade

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PostSubject: [GUIDE]Ninja blade   [GUIDE]Ninja blade I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 23, 2010 4:24 am


To become a good ninja blade you should start to master skils in that order:
1.Ambush or Rolling dagger.Ambush it's a great skill and he can give a lot of damage if you use him with stealth behind the opponent.Rolling dagger have a litle damage but if you use him after one atack he can make double or triple damage.This skill it's good and for pvm to escape from mobs.
2.Ambush or rolling dagger.
3.Fast atack.This skill it's very simple and get same damage in evry situation.All what you should do it's to not miss this skill.
4.Poison vome.This skill it's very stronger.He can't be missed and he get same damage in evry situations.He can put the poison on enemy.
5.Stealth.This skill it's not to good but it should be used with ambush.


First you should put the points on vit and dex like that(2 Dex/1 Vit for a PVP ninja and 2 Vit/1 Dex for a PVM ninja).After you made 90 points at VIT and DEX than put points on STR.


Weapon-At lvl 1-30 you can use what dagger you want.From lvl 30-65 you should use a black leaf daggers(BLD) with mouch skill damage and average damage and it should be +9.At lvl 65 you should get dragon knifes and upgrade them until +7/+9 .At lvl 75 you should buy the lvl 75 daggers with mouch average and skill damage and upgrade them until +7/9.The bonus for weapons should be half humans,critical,piercing and casting speed or just Half humans.If you play on a private and you have money than make all of this 4 or just 3.
Armour/Shield/Helmet-The armour should be for your level and to be upgraded until +6/9.The armour should have sword defence and max hp.The shield shoul be for your lvl but from lvl 61 it's good to have all of 4 shields +9 or just 3(Falcon shield,Lion edge shield,Tiger shield).Falcon shield should be used versus wariors,lion edge shield should be used versus sura and tiger versus ninja.The bonuses for shield should be imune aganist blackout and half humans.Helmet should be for your lvl and should be upgraded until +7/9.The bonuses for helmet should be half humans and magic resistence.
Necklace-You should use heaven's tear necklace.The bonuses should be sword def,hp and piercing or just one/two.
Bracelet-Silver/White gold bracelet.Bonuses- half humans or magic resistence.
Earings-Ebony earings.Bonuses- 10 half humans and 15% sword defence.
Shoes-Pheonix shoes/fire bid shoes.Bonuses- 15% sword defence and/or 2000 max hp.

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[GUIDE]Ninja blade
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