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After 3 months from the start of metin2 academy we finaly made a forum in english langguage
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[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Empty
PostSubject: [DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO]   [DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 01, 2011 4:32 pm


[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 258uidw

[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 17

NewMetin3 is a perfect cross between having fun and playing it constantly having to commit. This is an idea of totally innovative gameplay where the player never tires of playing. And here you pass the time of the game is divided into two parts, one in which joking with friends, dueling and using chat rooms, and the challenging, where you have to prepare a good expare equipment and grow more and more level .
What are you still doing here!? Run by the now missing only YOU!

[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16

-Other info of Server

1)Level max 250!
2)3)[/font">Max status point 125
4) Fluid exp
5)Possibility to log only with our clients
6)New item
7)New mob
Cool New weapons
9) A new system of mounts
10)2 CH!
Client anti leecher & hacker.
If something mentioned above has intrigued you, I suggest you continue reading Wink

[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16

-Rates, EXP - DROP - YANG - UP

EXP: 200%
DROP: 200%
YANG: 200%

The weapon is set up like this:
Without some items up to +6 from +5 to +6 is 100%.
From +6 to +7 Requires pearl white with 50%
For +8 Requires blue pearl with 30%
To +9 Requires red-blue pearl with 15%
The papyri are sbuggare then give 10% more successful!

While the epic upp from +9 to +0 as opposed to the change items..
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16

-The new shield and their up:
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Scudi
-The new helmets and their up:

[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Elmi
To the left of the helmets of those 41 to 61 middle and right ones of 102, the penultimate 60 will drop below are the latest in map 80 and 80 are from.

-The new armor:

[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Armorgn

[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Armor2b

[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16

-NPC Script

[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Fabblegend
-The legendary blacksmith as well as upp in exchange for items we will present some of the new mounts inside the game.

[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Mogliestall
-The wife of the groom gives the send license to ride!
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Viagg

-From the traveler can participate in the event that is held imperium, and often involves all 3 realms .. 's event .. and transformation of the kingdoms that the lottery is held each week giving the winner of over 10 coin of the dragon!
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Teleports
-As you can see the teleporter will take you anywhere you want to go!
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Giocatoreazz
-With this NPC can groped luck°-° (if you have xD)
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Uptool

-This is the panel from which you can enjoy some very useful tools
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
-Let the NPCs here are some screen:
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Botte
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Pesc
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Neroa
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Erby
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Armii
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Aiutstall
-By helper stableboy you can find everything you need about horse riding items..
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Minerb
-Mineral hall-
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Armat
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Dott
-Teachers are not teaching because the papyrus and read books and be read without pda ò.ò
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
-Oh was forgetting that there are also 6 th skills of all 4 races pg! ò.ò xD

-6° skill war mente
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 6skillmente
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
-6° skill war corpo
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 6skillcorpo
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
-6° skill ninja cac
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 6skillcac
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
-6 skill ninja arco
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 6skillarco
ee then those of the sham and the measure you already know xD
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16


-Base equip +9

-Shoes of wind

-5kk yang

[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Loginam
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Bonusig
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
-We begin with the presentation of maps NewMetin3![
-Forbidden City- In this map you will find various NPC's that will help you during missions, are: Fog, The Fighter, the Markets Blue, Red and Yellow, from here you will buy the fish for oysters get the precious pearls, Charon and many more!
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Proibita
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
-Creta-In this map you will find various NPC's that will help you during missions, are: Fog, The Fighter, the Markets Blue, Red and Yellow, from here you will buy the fish for oysters get the precious pearls, Charon and many more!
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Creta
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
-Land of dragon- In this map the reign of the Ice Dragons, Magic Metals subdued by the curse of the joints with the rocks Metin.Dal level 95!
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Terraw
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
-Covo 3- The third nest is suitable for level 100 where the best fighters can go ahead and kill the boss!
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Covo3
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
-Fortress of Desolation- This map is restricted to 125 levels, In this map you will find the Red Dragon..
Killing him will get the level 115 weapons, sticks and metal, however vaccations of the other bosses, will not give you a forizere but at the moment of death of the Dragon will drop to the ground appears
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Fortdes
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
-Leaf fire- Map level 131 mobs with not very strong .. but they give a lot of experience with this map Expa up to 148 to go shortly in the land of the Cyclops!!
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Foglia
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
-Land of the Cyclops- The most commonly used by all players to make metal weapons and sticks from the poor..I say poor because Polyphemus Polyphemus is the Boss of this map! In this map you can drop the new set Amber!
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Ciclop
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
This is -Dungeons di majestic Cometa Dei Ghiacci!!
This is accessible from the dungeons at 125
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Comdv
And he closes with a description of the maps .. the rest is up to you to find the others! =P
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
Now I'll show you some Mounts..Would remind you that the legendary mounts must address both the NPC Fog, which by the Blacksmith Leggendario.In exchange for rare items such as sticks of Obsidian..wise and will bring out some of the most powerful creatures

-Cinghiale oscuro-
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Cing
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
-Leone oscuro-
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Leou
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
-Lupo oscuro-
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Lupio
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
-Tigre oscura-
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Tigren
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
-Bestia nera-
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Nera
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
And finally a screen of one of the 4 mounts legendary..
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Robaad
[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
-As last thing I want to make that evento.Elezioni monarch of the Kingdom!-

[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] Regno
-How does it work?-
Any kingdom has decided to elect the Emperor's popular vote between 7 candidati.Le voting last 2 days. Can be made by the Administrator of the Battles of his kingdom. The vote is secret and unique-
1. Level 105
2.1 billion of yang
3.Being the leader of a guild

-In order to vote you must have a fundamental requirement
Be at least level 95
-What are the duties and powers of the monarch?-
The monarch will receive the gift of the Blessing of the Angels, a legendary object which will:
1. summon the subjects
2. summon monsters hungry
3. hire mercenaries
4. declare war on a kingdom opponent
Once elected the emperor will reign for 14 days

[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16
-Staff of NewMetin3-
-Founder of gioco-
-Board Admin-

-Moderatori Forum-
-Game Master-

[DEDICATO]---->NewMetin3<----[DEDICATO] 16


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