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After 3 months from the start of metin2 academy we finaly made a forum in english langguage
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PostSubject: DemonTower   DemonTower I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 21, 2010 4:49 pm

How you can do DT Run

DT means Demon Tower for reaching there you need to go at teleporter and select Valey after you need to inter in Hwang Temple. You need to go at the end of the map to inter in the Demon Tower ( you can inter only of you have lvl 40+) of you have lvl 60+ at teleport will be show the option DT.

Floor 1 :Objective is to destroy the metin lvl 50. After Destruction , you will be teleport to next Floor.

Floor 2:Objective is to kill all the monster what you find in the room. After you kill all the monster you will be teleport to the next room

Floor 3:Objective is to Kill all the moob of the room inclusive (Demon King) After you will be teleport in the next room

Floor 4:Objective is to destroy the metin lvl 55 what is give the coordonates for the real metin lvl 60 of you don't get the coordonates try to find the real metin and destroy him. you ahve only 20 minutes to proced to the next room or you will be teleported outside of the DT.

Floor 5:Objectiv is to kill the moobs until you will be find (5 key stone) you have only 20 minutes to make that or you will be teleport outside.After you will put the last key on the last Monument you will be teleport to the next room

Floor 6:Here you need to be very fast because you need to kill all the monster of the room before to kill the (Proud Demon King ) of you will kill the Demon before to kill all the Monster you will not proced to next room.In room 6 after the kills of the monster the tower will give you 1 blacksmith of accesori ,a rmour or swords random. At this Blacksmith you don't need upgrade items Smile . But you need to kill the Monster very fast because you have 20 minutes to finish room 5 and 6.... thats makes very hard to pass on room 7.

Floor 7:Objective is ti kill the metins lvl 65. After the Destruction of the Metins.... The Tower will spawn some monster in the room but you don't need to kill the monster you need to destroy the metin lvl 70 what will be spawn. Every metin lvl 70 what you will kill there will drop a Box , in the box you need to find a map to proced on the next room.The Real map is :Zin-Sa-Gui.

Floor 8:Kill the imortal fantom until you get the good key.

Floor 9:Objectiv is to kill the Death Reaper . Him will give you a box what is very spens . In the box you can find armours lvl 61,66 swords lvl 70,75 Smile

Sorry of i make some mistake whit the words but i don't know to speacj very good eng Smile sorry again Smile
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Junior moderator

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PostSubject: Re: DemonTower   DemonTower I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 22, 2010 8:03 am

Good job sokata king with peoples like you,our forum wil be bigger and bigger and it will be the biggest.
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